10 Actions That Cats Do Indicate That They Are Ill


It is normal for cats to hide them when they are not feeling well, so it may be difficult to spot signs of cat disease immediately. However, when the cat is sick, it may be accompanied by some noticeable changes in its behavior.

In fact, the behavior of cats often changes before you start seeing any physical symptoms, so you should look for any behavioral fluctuations, and then go to the vet if you notice something unusual.

10 Actions That Cats Do Indicate That They Are ill
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You know your cat’s behaviors and habits more than anyone else. So if you notice any slight change, start observing your cat, then you may be the only savior from any disease.

10 actions that cats do indicate that they are ill

1 – My cat is eating a lot .. is she sick?

Cats Do Indicate That They Are ill
Sick cat. Isolated on white.

If your cat stops eating, you will feel anxious, right? Many cat breeders become anxious if their cat stops eating, but increased appetite can also be a sign of cat disease.

Pet behavior experts say that sudden changes in appetite may indicate that your cat has underlying health problems.

You may need to see a vet. Increased appetite can be the result of endocrine disorders, such as: cat diabetes or even hyperthyroidism, or problems with poor food absorption, such as: bowel cancer or inflammatory bowel disease.

So if you notice that your cat’s appetite changes suddenly, you should consult your veterinarian to check in

2 – Your cat drinks more than usual

Cats Do Indicate That They Are ill
Image of cat

Certainly, increasing the amount of water can be a sign that the cat is sick, although cats need a lot of fresh water, but drinking lots of water can indicate cats ’kidney disease, diabetes, or thyroid problems.”

3 – Your cat does not ask for mating as usual

Many people complain of the symptoms of mating request in cats, but this is the natural instinct of cats that God created them. On the other hand, if cats stop requesting mating, it may be an important indication of their health.

Cats may stop mating for a number of reasons, and this may be a sign that the cat is sick and should see a vet. For example, overweight cats cannot mate. In addition, obesity may cause many health problems, including cancer, diabetes and low life expectancy.

Lack of mating can also be associated with dental pain, injuries, or arthritis. As for large cats, mating rates may decrease due to old age.

4 – The cat’s meow suddenly became loud

Cats Do Indicate That They Are ill
Veterinarian examining a kitten in animal hospital

The meow is an important way for cats to communicate with humans, so if they are sick they may be more than normal than usual, and the sound of their meow may also be different.

One of the things to keep in mind is that some cats are more meow than others, just because your cat is talking, which does not mean that he is sick. However, if you usually have a calm cat, and then become sick often now, it may be time to visit the vet.

And the opposite is also true, if your kitten becomes unexpectedly quiet. Always know the cat’s normal behavior, and if there are any changes, it is best to consult your veterinarian.

5- The smell of the same cat has become unpleasant

Eighty-five percent of cats have gum disease at the age of 3 years, and bad breath is one sign of this.

Talk to your veterinarian every visit about cleaning teeth and what you can do at home to prevent dental diseases. Not only does dental disease cause bad breath, but it may lead to more serious problems such as kidney, liver, and heart problems.

While dental diseases are the most common cause of bad breath in cats, there can be other causes of bad breath.

A cat with diabetes may have the same foul smell with increased thirst and urination. On the other hand, a cat that suffers from kidney disease can breathe an odor like ammonia because the kidneys are not able to properly filter waste.

6- The cat does not use the litter box properly

10 Actions That Cats Do Indicate That They Are ill
Image of cat

When your cat stops using the “Litter Box” litter box, the underlying cause can be behavioral or medical.

Behavioral causes are usually easy to change in the stressful environment, including: abnormal movement at home, a new partner in the bedroom (a cat or a person), new cat litter in the box, or a cat spending less time with its owner.

Medical problems can also cause your cat to stop using the litter box and may include: arthritis, cancer, feline cystitis, kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

7 – The cat’s pupil does not appear normal

The size of the pupil (pupil) changes significantly in cats depending on the amount of light they are exposed to, but if the changes occur at random times, or if they continue, this may be a sign of a medical problem.

A pupil that is always dilated, or always narrow, or one in the eye and distress in the other can be a sign of illness. Since these changes can occur naturally throughout the day, it is important to consult your veterinarian if you notice a change that lasts for an extended period of time.

Keep looking for other signs associated with the eyes, including secretions, a tearful eye or a third eyelid covering part of the eye, as well as symptoms such as lethargy or poor appetite. All of this may be a sign of illness.

8- The cat is a little angry

10 Actions That Cats Do Indicate That They Are ill

If your calm cat looks unusually angry, it may be a sign that your cat is sick. Increased anger can be an indication of pain or aging.

For example, cats with joint or back pain may react aggressively if they touch the area that caused the pain, and there may be other reasons, such as: hyperthyroidism, which can cause hyperactivity of the cats, so that they interact in some Sometimes in a hostile way.

9 – The cat does not like to play

Lack of interest in playing games can be an indication that the cat is sick, especially if you have a cat that plays a lot, usually now inactive or not interested in playing without a clear reason.

You will also need to consider the circumstances. ” “If your cat plays a lot or if there is a change that might cause pressure, such as: home visitors or adding a new child, he may not want to play because of this ..

10 – The cat is hiding all the time

10 Actions That Cats Do Indicate That They Are ill

There are several theories as to why cats have disappeared in their illness. Some experts believe that in the wild, the cat will instinctively hide in order to stay safe, because their illness makes them weak and vulnerable to predators.

Others believe that cats disappear when they do not feel comfortable because they simply want to be left alone to sleep and recover.

Hiding can be related to any kind of cat disease, and it can also be a sign of injury, stress, anxiety or fear.

All cats sometimes need to take a break, but if the cat begins to disappear on a regular basis for long periods of time – especially if there are also changes in eating and drinking habits and other behaviors – then it is time to speak to a veterinarian.

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