10 Brilliant Dog Breeds


Dogs are one of the most intelligent animals in the kingdom. No doubt about it! But did you know some canines are actually smarter than others? It’s true. It is unfortunate that not all of these cute little pups are intelligent like the others. The article published by the American Kennel Club says that breeds of “herd or hunting” dogs are biologically the smartest dog breeds. This is more accurate with dogs that were bred in order to help hunt for food or protect other animals and livestock.

But, before you start arguing that your cute little pup is the smartest of all, it’s important to consider other attributes to determine a dog’s intelligence. Because to tell you honestly, it isn’t always just biological. Intelligence can come down to how easily breeds can train, their ability to understand humans, how quick of a study they are, how well they perform certain tasks, and much more.

#1. Border Collie

Border Collies are viewed as the most intelligent dog in the world. In most cases, these beautiful little workers are most suited to life in the country and best known as “herders” or farm dogs.

Border Collies are very active and make excellent watchdogs, but at the same time, they respond extremely well to positivity and can learn incredibly fast.

They are very much more of a family dog and quite protective when it comes to young children. Interestingly, this protective manner is down to their territorial instincts, which is also what prompts them to protect their owners.

A Border Collie showing its cuteness

#2. Poodle

Out of all the most intelligent dogs in the world, poodles are one of the most energetic. Because of this, poodles are often seen on dog shows around the world. Ironically, this is also the main reason why owners must be extra careful when securing their environment.

Also, did you know that poodles were originally hunting dogs? It is true. In fact, they were really good at sourcing and retrieving water. And since poodles are so smart, the circus adopted them as performing dogs. And we all know that only the most intelligent dogs in the world would be preferred by the traveling troupes. Right?

#3. German Shepherd

After World War II, Animal Rights activists pushed protection of the integrity and worldview of German Shepherd. It is because these dogs are so smart that even the Nazi’s used their intelligence for very treacherous reasons. Despite this unfortunate history, these dogs are still known for being one of the most intelligent dogs in the world.

Since German Shepherds need a lot of exercises every day, they became ideal dogs for the police and military. They are even good at herding, guiding, rescue, or acting as watchdogs. Most owners of German Shepherds would claim that they are much easier to train than other breeds.

Some years ago, the German Shepherd was awarded third place by the American Kennel Club in a summary of the top 50 most intelligent dogs in the world.

#4. Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers require the least maintenance out of all the breeds on our list. These dogs are easy to please and highly positive. In fact, retrievers are also known to be very obedient when it comes to training. These dogs are known as family pets, rescue dogs and commonly used as service dogs for the disabled.

Needless to say, only the most intelligent dogs in the world are chosen for such roles, right? The retriever’s high level of intelligence also prompts them to be eager to please with humans. In fact, we can see many owners train retrievers to perform fun tasks in their homes. It may vary from fetching the paper, closing doors or even searching their shoes!

Golden Retriever proudly running with a purple ball

#5. Doberman Pinscher

Unfortunately for Doberman Pinchers, their powerful posture and poor portrayal through media give them a bit of a bad reputation. The truth is, this is one of the most intelligent dogs in the world and a fiercely loyal companion to humans. Due to their physical strength, they like to move around as much as possible but their level of intelligence also means that they enjoy nothing better than mental stimulation.

These dogs can be easily trained by owners especially when they are young. As with other breeds on the list, Doberman responds well to positivity and their intuition is evident in the number of Doberman Pincher we see in the military or police units of today. Doberman is also popular for both rescue and therapy. But we know that you will mostly agree for them to be your houses’ watchdogs.

#6. Shetland Sheepdog

There is just something so friendly and so beautiful about the Shetland Sheepdog. It may have something to do with a 1980’s television series (Lassie) but really, they are just the sweetest and gentle dogs.

These adorable pups are very popular with families all over the world. It is because of the fact that Shetland is one of the most easy-going dogs. As mentioned, they have a very soft personality and love nothing more than pleasing the people around them.

Thankfully, their high intelligence allows them to do so with ease. After all, the Shetland Sheepdog is such a hardworking animal and any farmers best friend. They are obedient in training and smart on the field. This only makes this dog one of the best resources to have in the countryside.

#7. Labrador Retriever

According to Dogcare, Labrador Retrievers are actually traditional “waterdogs”. A long time ago, their original jobs were related to hunting ducks and accompanying fishermen. Their flat, otter-like tails and weather-resistant coats allow them to thrive in the water.

Whether they are guide dogs, narcotic detection dogs, or just everyday family pets. This is the primary reason why families prefer to have them in their houses.

#8. Papilon

According to Caratoots, Papillons have a strong connection to famous royals. These small dogs love to compete — and win — at sports competitions, and participate in all kinds of tricks. For less ambitious owners, you’ll be happy to know that Papillons enjoy all types of weather and simply playing with family.

#9. Rottweiler

Rottweilers are a classic working dog breed and often serve in police forces or to assist those with poor eyesight. According to Dog Time, Rottweilers thrive in disciplined, well-mannered environments with little roughhousing. There, they’ll learn how to be loving pups and show you their full potential as intelligent, caring creatures.

#10. Australian Cattle Dog

According to the American Kennel Club, Australian Cattle Dogs are an alert and curious breed belonging to the Herding Group, and group of breeds that share an “instinctual ability” to control the movements of other animals. They are especially intelligent at hearing and protecting livestock, so they are superb dogs for those who live on farms.

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