10 Smart Things You Never Thought Your Cat Can Do

It’s well-known that cats are clever, perhaps even devious creatures. But just how smart are cats? According to scientists: cats are far more intelligent than you may realize. And far more stubborn, too. Don’t worry there, dear hooman, it is not your imagination. 😉

And to prove our point that these little felines actually have the IQ of Einstein, we have compiled 11 videos that showed their cleverness. (Or probably their human-likeness, too! 😮

So, you might want to hold your seat, check your surrounding if your cat is around, cause you might just want to stop him from learning all these skills.

#1. I just want to say, hiiiiii! <3


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#2. Cats can show love, too. Just like you do.


#3. You might want to cover your cat’s eyes. She might learn how to do this. XD



#4. “Now, will you buy me spoons?”


#5. Well, we want to have some ICE, too. You know?


#6. I’m CATcentrating here! XD


#7. What is the use of this cage again? 😀


#8. “Now I know how crazy I look,” says the Black Kitty.


#9. We thought only earthworms are flexible.


#10. I’m just gonna, sliiiiide.

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Do you agree with our list above? If you have your own videos of your “smart cats”, share with us in the comments below. 😉