100+ Unique Dog Names for Every Kind of Pup


Let’s face it: Naming a dog is a lot more fun than naming a baby. With a baby, you know the recipient of your name will be judged by your pick for years to come by classmates, interviewers, and dates. But with a dog, the stakes are lower. No matter what you choose, everyone will think it’s cute — and so you might as well push the boundaries and pick a unique dog name. After all, you don’t want every pup at the park responding to your call.

With all of the foods, fictional characters, and historical figures at your disposal, you have free rein to come up with the cutest, cleverest name in the book. Browse our picks to choose the most unique moniker for your new best friend. These cute names will delight your friends and family, and make you smile every time you call your dog’s name. Want even more options? These are the best funny dog names.

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