12 Dirty Dogs That Made a Mess of Themselves

Have you ever given your dog a bath just to find it rolling in the mud the first chance he gets? Dogs tend to like more natural smells than soaps and that coconut shampoo you just bought for them. Other than this, they can get a bit carried away during playtime and come home with a pound of mud stuck to their coats. And mud can be the least of your worries. If you have a dachshund or a similar breed, you know what I mean. The smells that turn your stomach are Chanel No. 5 to them! Check out these 12 dirty dogs that got too carried away and made a mess of themselves. Would you let them back in the house or just hose them down in the yard first?

1. This dirty dog used to be white before a playdate in the mud!

Cute Dirty Dog
Photo by Matt Higham on Unsplash

2. Had a blast roaming around! You can call me brownie!

cute brown dog
Photo by Matt Higham on Unsplash

3. There’s nothing better than a mud bath on a hot summer day!

dog in mud
Image by Katrina_S from Pixabay

4. Helping around in the garden. Oops!

5. Nothing like a good run through the mud to make a happy dirty dog!

Fierce Looking dirty Dog
Photo by Nathalie SPEHNER on Unsplash

6. Loving the beach life!

7. I used to be black…

8. Hey, wait for me! I’m not a dirty dog, I just had to hunt down a frog…

Fierce looking brown dog
Photo by Matthew Daniels on Unsplash

9. This corgi’s owners almost had a heart attack finding the pup like this!

10. This is one content dirty dog! But his owners will have a handful cleaning him up!

Dirty White Dog
Image by kidsnewshu from Pixabay

11. Will you take me back in, please? I promise I won’t make a mess!

12. I think me needs a bath now…

What would you do if your dog came back as messy as these fellas in the images above? We know you’d love them all the same. Still, it can be a bit of a shock and a lot of work to clean up the mess and the mess-maker! Did you have a similar situation with your pooch? Let us know in the comments!

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