Adorable dogs offering things to owners
Adorable dogs offering things to owners

14 Adorable Dogs Offering Different Treasures to their Owners

Cats are known to offer different things to their owners as a token of their gratitude and expression of love. But did you know that our lively and lovely furball dogs do it, too?

You will be surprised that they give you random things from a burger out of nowhere, a broccoli, a dead bird’s skeletons, a condom, or maybe some cash.

If you think this is not possible, then you should check our photo compilation of these adorable dogs who showed their love and gratitude in very surprising things.

1. I swear I didn’t steal it…it was just there on the bench…inside the paper bag…

Dog offering burger to owner
Image from Imgur

2. I swear I have nothing to do with this…

Dog offering bird skeletons to owner
Image from Imgur

3. Let me be your Superdog.

Image from Pexels

4. Never too old, right?

Dog offering pacifier to owner
Image from Imgur

5. I can bring you anything, baby…

Dog bringing random things to owner
Image from Imgur

6. You should really rethink your diet.

Dog bringing broccoli to owner
Image from Imgur

7. I hate cucumbers…but summer’s approaching!

Dog offering cucumber to owner
Image from Imgur

8. Believe me…you really need this.

Doggo offering comb to owner
Image from Imgur

9. Here…buy yourself something nice.

Dog offering cash to owner
Image by David Beckenham

10. When you’re not home, I’m the key-keeper!

11. Good luck on your date!

Dog offering condom to owner
Image from Imgur

12. I missed you so much!

Dog offering flowers to owner
Image from Reddit

13.How do you like your eggs?

Dog offering eggs
Image from Imgur

14. It was really hard to fit it in so you better play fetch with me!

Dog offering ball to play
Image from Imgur

Did you receive any of these gifts and treasures from your doggo? If not, what did you get from your loving fella? Share it with us in the comments section.