14 Photos Showing the Love and Hate Relationship of Dogs and Cats


They say that the more pets you have, the happier you become.

It is probably true, right? But, sometimes your feisty cats and jumpy dogs interact in a way that you will never understand. They love, but they also hate each other. And this will continue until the end of time.

So, we have here a compilation of photos of how your furballs show their love or hate with one another.

#1. This is the perfect representation of their Love and Hate relationship.

Dog and cat if their owner is watching them

#2. Finally, someone who genuinely show the true essence of love to others.

Dog cuddle with cat

#3. But here’s someone who never hesitates to show their hate, too.

#4. You got it, Buddy. You can do it. You’ll survive!

Cute photo of dog surrounded by cat

#5. Sorry to the owner, but we don’t think that these cats are suspicious at all. We bet they’re plotting something!

#6. That is one great rug!

#7. This cat sure knows how to terrorize a dog in a very effective way. Way to go!

#8. Now, this is a curious cat. Please tell the cat that it’s a dog. But she should love him still, despite their differences.

Curious Cat

#9. I’ve got my eyes on you, pup!

Angry cat

#10. This cat is really taking the presence of the puppy very well!

11. “I wish someone looked at me like my cat looks at my dog.”

12. This is what we called respect!

Cute dog is sad because of cat

#13. A little too clingy dog and snobby cat, indeed.

#14. This is the love that we all wish to have.

Do you have your own compilation of your cats and dogs love-hate relationship? Share it with us in the comments below.

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