15 Favorite Golf Dogs Who Ruled the Courses


Golf has a long history with dogs. It dates to the origins of the game in Scotland. But, the world is slow to adopt dogs into the golf culture. Fortunately, we found some golf players who made a bold action. They shared their golf adventures with their cute pups.

And it was not a bad thing at all. Besides, work (or play) can be so much more enjoyable with a friendly pup in tow. We couldn’t agree more.

#1. How to do it, Jazzy?

#2. Finally! I got it.

Dog in Golf Course

#3. “We’re trained to be great.”

Cute dog in Golf Course

#4. “But first, let me take a selfie.”

#5. Can I play? Can I play now?

#6. The Model Dog.

Model Dog

#7. “I got something other than the ball.”

Dog with owner Golf Player

#8. “I wonder how long this will take.”


#9. Let me ride!

Cute Dog in Golf Course

#10. The “golf ball picker” in dog form.


#11. Nice shot, woman! (I wish I could get that.)

Cute Dog in Golf Course

#12. I got you, Pal! 😉

Cute dog with baby golf player

#13. Finally, human brought me here.

Cute black and white dog in Golf Course

#14. Watch closely, Buddy.

Cute black dog in Golf Course

#15. Now that is a serious pack.

Parade of Dogs in Golf Course

Do you have your own dog compilation playing golf? If yes, share with us in the comments below. 🙂

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