15 Photos Of The Most Adorably Amazing Dog Quirks That You Probably Haven’t Seen


Cats have quirks, and so are dogs. It might be the way they sit, stand, smile, or even look at you from a distance. They little doggos always surprise us with something new every single day in their lives.

So, with not much more ado, we present to you the 15 adorable and quirky little doggos that will surely make your day light.

1. Someone has been taking yoga lessons!

2. This dog looks like he wants to have a fight with his owner. Ready your muscles, big guy.

3. “Peek-a-boo!”

4. To catch a squirrel, one must become a squirrel.

5. Maximum comfort while getting fed. That’s the way to do it.

6. A gravity-defying dog. Must have been a relative of Spider-Cat

7. “Lady and the Tramp” in real life!

8. A gracious ballerina

9. The look on this dog’s face knowing it’s his cake. (Aren’t you one expressive doggo.)

10. When your man is sleeping, but you want his attention:

11. Little pup dreaming about hugging you.

12. Another gravity-defying dog. They are relatives of Spider-Cat, too.

13. “Say cheese!”

14. The dog version of The Thinker

15. Is that a turkey or a dog?

So did these dogs made your day somehow? If you have your own compilation of your dog’s quirky attitude and photos, share it with us in the comments section. We’d love to see more of this doggos uniqueness.

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