Before and After Adoption Photos
Before and After Adoption Photos

16 Dog Photos Showing Their Transformation after Adoption (Finally They Found a Family Who Will Love Them!)

Human life is hard and harsh. But believe us when we tell you that a dog’s life is actually harder than yours.

Sometimes, their life story is actually more worthy to be featured in The Ellen DeGeneres Show than yours.

Most of these dogs experienced great suffering in life, until such time that a loving family or owner found them and gave them the love they need in life.

We have compiled 16 dog stories and photo transformation of our lovely dogs from the first day their owner met him until now.

1. This is Penny. One month ago, she weighed just 6lb and was scared of everything.

Happy Brown Dog Photo Before and After Adoption
Image from Instagram

2. Scarlett was supposed to be euthanized due to a severe skin disease but one kind girl took the dog home and now she’s the happiest dog in the world.

Brown Pitbull with lavender flowers photo before and after adoption
Image from Twitter

3. A Reddit user once saw this lonely dog in a shelter and decided to tell the whole world about him, hoping to find him a new home. The left photo, where the dog looks like a cartoon character, was uploaded to the internet with the words, “This little guy is waiting to be taken home by a loving family.” And, luckily, the owner adopted him soon after.

Gray and white dog with pink hat Before and after photo after adoption
Image from Instagram

4. A sad dog waiting for his owners and the same happy dog after his wish came true.

A sad dog in cave vs. a happy dog with a family
Image by Mcgaheyd from Reddit

5. Pillow’s current owner adopted him despite the fact that he needed a serious surgery. Pillow had a cancerous mass in one of his legs. After the adoption, the owner helped his new pet overcome the disease and now Pillow is happily living in his new home with another dog named Daizy.

A sad white Pitbull  before adoption compared to a happy and loved dog after adoption
Image from Reddit

6. “Found a little armadillo pup 7 years ago. Here he is today!”

7. The left picture touched the hearts of many volunteers; the right photo depicts a happy dog after some medical treatment and love.

8. Red-haired beauty in a shelter compared to photo on her way to a new home.

Golden red Corgi before and after adoption
Image by Ithrowfootballs from Reddit

9. This is Butters who was once too afraid to leave his cage. In the photo on the right, he’s playing outside with his new owners.

A brown and white dog before and after adoption photo
Image from Instagram

10. Another cutie that got a home and a warm bed.

11. Palmer when he was in a shelter for homeless animals compared to his happy photo today

Image from Reddit

13. Ajax, an American Eskimo Dog, weighed 26lb of just skin and bones when he was found 8 months ago. On the right is Ajax today: a healthy 42-lb happy dog!

14. Click right to see his beautiful and happy transformation.

15. Here’s another boy named Ziggy that got a new home. It’s just 180 degree total transformation.

16. Just several months have passed but what a difference! He looks more lively and loved.

It is very heartwarming that a simple act of love and kindness will turn these sad, underweight, and alone little pups into beautiful and lively furballs.

Did you also adopt your own dog from the shelter? Share with us your dog’s before and after photos in the comment section below. 😉