15+ Dogs Who Don’t Care About Your Personal Space (It’s All Theirs, FYI)


We have encountered people who do not value personal space. They watch you while your texting inside a bus. They stand so close to you when standing on the train. Or sometimes, they just stare at everything you do while sitting at the bus stop. Admit it, all these bothers us so much that sometimes we confront these people and tell them to stop doing it.

But what will you do if your dog — the dog that you love and cared the most — will neglect this personal space that you value so much? Well, we have 17 dog photos showing the most daring dogs who never cared if they already invaded their owners’ or other humans’ personal space. Check this out.

1. “My girlfriend’s dog is in love with me. This is her…” (Who’s more bothered, the girl or the boy? Hmmm…)

2. Our foster dog is not so good with personal space.

Black dog sitting on the other dog.
Image from Imgur

3. “Found my boyfriend and dog taking a nap like this.” (Should she be worried?)

4. When you’re trying to send a private message:

Black and white furry dog looking onto her owner texting
Image from Imgur

5. When your dog is a kung fu master. (Everybody wants Kung Fu fighting!)

Dog kicking girl
Image from Imgur

6. We are willing to bet that the dog’s name is Sheldon. XD

Brown dog sitting on a boys face.
Image from Imgur

7. “I was wrestling with my dog and forgot that he never misses an opportunity to eat.” (Now that is multitasking!)

8. “Came home to my roommate’s dog protecting my kitten from the loud thunder and lightning outside.” (We are not sure if this is care, love, or invading of personal space. You decide!)

9. This doggo was trying to tell the boyfriend to back off after kissing his girlfriend on the cheek while sleeping with her dog.

10. My friend’s dog wants her human to pet her…all the time. (Clingy much!)

Brown and white dog acting very clingy to owner
Image from Imgur

11. This dog literally jumped into the shot. (Well, you can’t stop him, can you?)

Dog trying to be part of a photo
Image form Imgur

12. “Our dog threw up last night at 4 a.m. He kept me company while I cleaned it up.” (Such supportive little fella.)

13. “Installed a cat door. Received a dog.”

14. You are being poopervised, human! good for you!

Dog trying to accompany his human in the toilet.
Image from Imgur

15. “Two months off the racetrack and my adopted Greyhound is still trying to understand what being a lap dog is all about.”

16. Sometimes she has problems recognizing personal space. (Just look at the dog’s face, the owner cannot even complain. Oh well…)

Labrador Retriever invading owner's personal space while working
Image from Imgur

17. I woke up to him having a puppy dream and lying on me like this. (Maybe it’s not invading, right? It’s more like cuddling to us. What do you think?)

Dog sleeping closely with owner.
Image from Imgur

Does your dog invade your personal space, too? If they do, share to us in the comments section your photos. We would love to look at them, too. 😉

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