18 Cats Trying To Get All The Attention In The World

Cats are a snob. You know that. They know that. We all know that very obvious fact.

However, there are times when these little felines surprise us unexpectedly. There are times when they want to cuddle, play, or sit with us. And there are also times where they just sit or sleep like queens and kings of their own world trying to get the attention of their human servants.

If you don’t get what we are talking about, check out 18 cat photo compilation showing off how our classy cats rule our homes than us.

18. “I find her sitting like this all the time.”

17. We don’t know what this furball has in his mind. (We really hope we do!)

16. “We just adopted Lily today. I think she’s malfunctioning.” XD

15. “This is my cat’s favorite spot to sit. Is it comfy? No one knows.” (Only this fella know.) 😉

14. If they are wondering, we are, too! How is this position comfortable at all?

13. When you tell a cat not to sit on the couch: improvise!

12. “Our newly adopted cat thought our art prints were windows.”

11. “Does anyone else’s cat sit like this or is yours normal?”

10. “I’m not sleeping. I’m practicing yoga.”

9. Maybe this guy had a dream and thought he’s one of the Happy Feet.

8. When you’re already late, trying to get ready for work and this is what you found.

7. Cat: “I’m trying to do one of the newly invented yoga poses.” XD

6. DO NOT DISTURB: I am meditating.

5. Maybe this guy wants to be sculpted this way. Such artistry!

4. Another double for Spiderman!

3.  Cat: “Bow to me, human.”

2. Cat: “Hey! I need something. Notice me!”

1. This is how you should ride your owner’s dog to get their attention.

Did these cats get your attention? We really think they surely did!

If you have similar photos like these, share it with us in the comments below.

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