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20 Strange Doggos That Acted Like Cats (Their Feline Friends Really Got Into Them)

We have seen the adorable and unconditional love shared by our rare cats and dogs which we truly love. Their cuddling moments, sleeping time, as well as their adorable hugs and licks are some of the things that we rarely but surely adored. But what if this love goes beyond care, affection, and bonding, and will start incorporating the sharing of habits, too.

If you don’t understand what we are talking about, check our list of 20 photo compilation of our supposed-to-be quirky and energetic canines acting like actual felines. They climb, sit, and meditate like cats that you will never what you feel — happy or sad. Happy because your dog has evolved. Sad because now you both have cats, instead of having one each kind.

Well, if you reach the end of the post, share your thoughts in the comments section. We would love to hear your sentiments and maybe happy thoughts on this very rare occasion. 😉 XD

1. “I think my dog may have been a cat in her past life. I give you dog loaf.”

2. “My dog thinks she’s a cat.” Who even taught this guy to do this. (Facepalm!)

3. “Capone’s older brother is a cat, so he thinks he is a cat as well. He likes to spy on evil neighbor dogs in the yard from the toy table.” A thing that only cats do.

4. “That’s so convenient. So, when you get home, it just folds away like one of those bikes?”

5. “I think someone replaced my dog with a cat.” Please give the dog back!

6. “This is Bell. She lives with 3 cats and at 4:45, she watches for her dad.” Bell must have learned from the cats that this was the best view in the house. Right?

7. “I think I have a cat, not a dog.” Relax human, he just learned how to use a chair properly. XD

8. “My dog might be learning some things from my cat.” Good one, fella! You’re diversifying your skills. XD

9. “Ernie wondering when the dog started thinking this was a shared cat condo.” And the look on the cat’s face. She’s not pleased. Oh, ooh!

10. “Does anyone else’s dog think they’re a cat?” The rest of the dog in this post acts like a cat, by the way.

11. “Definitely has the spirit of a cat. ‘If I fits, I sits.”” Definitely a good trait that you should learn from a cat.

12. Who said the cat was the only one allowed to do this? No one, actually, Go on, little guy! Continue your napping. No one’s judging. 😉

13. “My 50 lb dog thinks he’s a cat.” Shouldn’t you be happier? You now have a cat and a dog. Double purpose!

14. “Someone has been hanging out with the cats next door.” Such a fast learner!

15. “Meet Cedar, he sometimes thinks he’s a bird or a cat while he watches the neighborhood.” Certainly a cat trait—gossipping.

16. “That’s a total cat move right there…” Of course, it is! No sane dog will do this!

17. “My cat friend sits in box, so I sits in box. Mom says I’m the best doggo.” That’s interaction and cooperation. Good boy!

18. “I think my cat is having a bad influence on my pup…” We think it’s a good influence. XD

19. “Waffles, the rare cat-dog” She even got the looks of a cat. Blank Space!

20. These two certainly know how to bond in both cat and dog ways. XD Good luck, human!

So, do you think of these transformations as good? Or bad? Share us your thoughts in the comments section. 😉 We’d love to hear from you.