4 Steps to Make Your Dog a Basketball Star


Are you a big fan of playing basketball? Do you want your dog to play basketball, too? Don’t worry because this is not impossible to do. 

We have detailed four steps on how you can teach your dog to play basketball and make him the next big basketball star!

Make Your Dog a Basketball Star

STEP 1: Play fetch, first.

Let’s start with the basics. Training your dog to play basketball is an advanced skill for him to do. So, just like any other form of training, you should start with level one first. 

Teach your dog to play fetch first. You can choose a tennis ball, frisbee or just a plain stick for your dog to fetch. If he doesn’t want to put something in his mouth, you can soak the object in chicken stock so that he would want to pick it up. 

Once your dog gets used to picking objects for you, then you know you are ready to start Step 2.

STEP 2: Practice with a box.

Since your dog has mastered playing fetch, it is now time for him to try putting objects inside the box. 

Start by letting your dog pick up the ball and put it inside the box. Hold a box or container at ground level and make your dog drop the ball into the box. 

Don’t forget to give your dog a treat every time he correctly drops the ball in the container.

STEP 3: Increase your dog’s challenge.

All good dog tricks are learned in small steps. So every time your dog brings the ball back to you, raise the box just a little bit off the ground. Do this gradually increasing the height of the box until your dog will learn to raise his hind legs to reach the box and put the ball inside. 

Once again, don’t forget to reward your dog every time he accomplishes the task.

STEP 4: Start using the basketball ring.

Once your dog learns to drop the ball in the box, he is now ready to take on the final stage. So instead of using the box, replace it with a basketball hoop. 

Same as Stage 2, keep the hoop low to the ground. Then gradually increase the height of the hoop. Always remember and never forget to reward your dog with a treat each time he gets a basket. 

Also, make sure that you also show and share your happiness with your dog once he makes a perfect shot.

Pretty soon your dog will start jumping to reach the hoop and your next basketball star will be born!

As a dog owner, always remember that training your dog is all about
consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement.

Do not stress him to immediately learn the skill.

A 15-minute training every day is a great way to teach him the trick. Your goal is to teach him at the same time having fun and building a loving bond with your pet.

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