7 Weird Things that Owners Do to their Pets


Do you own a pet? Is it true that you share a unique bond with your pet (which others may think would be strange.)

We compiled seven things that pet owners do together with their pets. Let us know if this is true or not, and if it’s weird or just a normal thing to do. 🙂

1. Playing with your pet rat as if it is a real human. (hmmm…)

2. Having your parrot’s image on your skin.

3. Eating (ice cream) with your dog.

Hmmmm. It might be normal?


4. Measuring your cat’s height?

Weird Things that Owners Do to their Pets

5. Making your dog fashionable (as you.) 😉

6. Referring to yourself as Mommy and Daddy (when talking to your pet?)

7. Letting your pet sleep on you (literally on top of you).


What do you think? Are these real. Or it just doesn’t apply to all of us (we mean, “you” :D). Tell us in the comments below. 😉

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