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A Hopeful Shelter Full of Love For the Zombie Dog


Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.

Desmond Tutu

This quote was a living testament for Samara before she was rescued by the Geiger family.

Una Geiger, one of the rescuers, shared their story during their first meeting with Samara.


“She was suffering from severe demodectic mange and looked more like a zombie dog than a normal pup,” said Una. According to Geiger, her husband found Samara, formerly called Cocoshka, a miserable photo posted on the internet.

Samara looked liked a zombie when they first found her in the streets of Moldavia. The dog was covered with mange scars and bruises from all the beating and abuse she received from the bystanders.

“We knew that she was close to death,” said Una. “From the time we saw her, we knew that we will take her,” she added.  “Because if she continued to live in the streets, she will never survive, either because she will be beaten to death, gassed or run over,” concluded Una.

Meeting the Geiger Family

When Samara arrived at the Geiger’s residence, she was welcomed with the Geiger’s three other dogs warmly. The Geiger’s adopted there three dogs from the streets as well.

Una said that their three dogs were formerly panic stricken because of their former experience. “I strongly believe that my three dogs will be able to help Samara heal physically and most importantly, emotionally,” expressed Una.

Since Samara lived in a pack on the streets, she was able to easily used to living with other dogs. After a few weeks, she slipped into the Geiger’s pack structure as if she was one of them.

Samara’s Physical Healing Process

When Samara first arrived at the Geiger’s, she had a very bad case of demodectic mange. As experienced fosterers, the German couple has rescued many badly abused and neglected dogs, so they know exactly how to cure Samara’s wounds and mange.

“We decided that we needed to restore her health first before we started to heal her emotionally,” Una said.

Dealing with the mange was a great struggle according to Una. “We had to shave all her hair and bathe her three times a day to remove the severe, puss-oozing bite wounds that were revealed after she was shaved,” explained Una. In fact, aside from bathing Samara three times a day, they also gave her medicinal bathes every week.

Continued Emotional Healing

When they first saw Samara, Una said that the dog was panic stricken and aggressive. However, they fully understand the response of the dog despite being with them for quite a time.

“She experienced beating and abuse in the streets of Chisinau, Moldavia and her initial response was only natural,” said Una.

The fear, panic and pain that Samara was dealing and have been feeling for quite a while is something that difficult to heal expressed Una. “Dealing with us humans was a whole different matter. Walking, moving, even raising one’s voice to call the dogs back, it all made her fearful and she cowered.”

“Despite all this, we knew that she will never be a typical dog. Her issues with humans are far too big but the important thing is she is now an official and permanent part of our pack, although she is still very shy,” said Una.

A Life of Hope and Love with the Geigers

After two years now, Samara is living happily with the Geigers. “The demodex is gone now, the bites have healed and little by little her soul heals as well as she greets us with wagging tail and a shy snuffle anytime one of us returns home,” Una happily said.

“Although she is not yet very comfortable with humans, we just gave her all the time she needed to get used to her new situation in life,” Una added.

Now, Samara is having an amazing transformation.  She vividly demonstrates the power that love and compassion have in transforming an animal with a broken heart and body.

Una said that a week after she wrote this, Samara let her pet for the first time. She came right up to her outstretched hand and let her touch her head and chin. Such a very inspiring story for those dog lovers out there.

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