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Abandoned Puppy Riddled With Thousands Of Ticks Makes Amazing Recovery

An abandoned puppy was found wandering the streets with a wire embedded around her tail and her body was riddled with blood-thirsty ticks!

Valia Orfanidou with OrphanPet GR writes of Blossom, “In July 24 2015 a puppy was spotted by one our volunteers in an urban area in Athens, Greece… Her tail was already dead from embedded wire tied to it since she was a lot younger, and her body was covered in thousands of ticks. The tick colony had literally drained her, and her blood test results showed that her blood was so thin that she wouldn’t have survived the next few days.”

“She was given a blood transfusion, had her tail amputated and it took her foster mum about a week to get rid of all the dead ticks from her body.”

Blossom’s rescuers promised her that she would never, ever suffer again and they kept their promise. Just a few months after her rescue, she was adopted!

Blossom is flourishing with her new family. Look how cute she is! What an amazing transformation.

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