cats get sad for parting their children ?
cats get sad for parting their children ?

Do the cats get sad for parting their children ?

My cat gave birth and after 45 days I brought the cats out for adoption, but I noticed that my cat was not happy, so I wonder, are the cats sad for parting with their children?

cats sad for parting with their children
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Cats give birth many times throughout their life, and scientists say that a cat can marry, become pregnant, and give birth up to 6 times per year, so that it may separate a child may happen a lot.

Therefore, the fear of cats grieving the separation of their children may not be in place, because cats do not think of the herd mentality, they are wild animals and love independence and can get used to it easily.

But at the same time cats will be sad for some time to part with their children in some of the situations that we will explain to you.

Are cats sad to parting with their children?
1- Cat weaning stage

Cats begin to wean their kittens when they are in their fourth week of life. The mother kitten will start at the fourth week to encourage kittens to eat.

You will notice that the mother takes the kittens to the eating plate, and she will start teaching them how to bite off the food, so at this stage you can put food that is easy to chew and digest for the kittens.

You will also notice that the mother cat will begin to prevent cats from feeding gradually, until they get used to food and eating gradually.

Cats may also transfer their children to a place other than the place of birth, this place will be close to the food dishes to encourage them to eat, fish and move.

2- The stage of separation of the mother cat for her children

cats sad for parting with their children
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When the mother cat finds that the kitten’s kennel is empty, it will experience apparent sadness, which may lead it to not eat with the same appetite for a day or two.

You may also notice that your cat will search for her children everywhere in the house, and she may begin to twist with a distinctive voice in the hope of finding her children.

But after a few days, the mother cat will return to normal life. Beta will move her young children to live in a new place to form a new life with a new family.

Does the mother cat accept her children after weaning?

cats sad for parting with their children
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In the event that the cats have never left the mother cat, the cat will begin to form a large herd, and will begin caring for and monitoring their children as they grow.

Perhaps she will feed them and play with them, and may God marry one of her sons if he grows up. The cat family will start to grow and grow in abundance and without problems.

But if the cats left their children, and one of them returned home after a month or two, you might not be able to easily identify them.

Because cats depend on the smell, after a while, the kittens will lose the mother’s smell and will not be identified among them, so you may notice that the mother cat is attacking its children.

The same thing for cats between each other, the cats will not easily know their siblings if they separate from them for a month or less, and when they meet again, many battles may occur between them.

Are cats sad to part with their children because of abortion?

Yes, regardless of the great pain that will happen to the mother due to miscarriage and the many health problems that she may face.

But the mother will feel sad because of the abortion and will start looking for her children who died or who were not born from the original, so you should pay attention.

Serve some of the foods your cat loves, entertain and play with them until you skip this stage.