Friendly Stray Dog Waits At Rest Stop To Be Rescued


Howl of a Dog was driving back home after delivering a rescue dog to her new family when they spotted a homeless dog at a rest stop. The friendly and affectionate stray just wanted someone to save her. Luckily the right people stopped and they brought Maya back to their rescue to find her a forever home!

We rescued Maya from a roadside parking and she is in our care awaiting a forever home. She is a young dog, medium sized, ~16 kg, very friendly with humans and she also gets along with other dogs and with cats. As a stray dog, every day must have been a struggle for survival and now she’s discovering a completely brand new world: she was so puzzled when we gave her some toys and she just didn’t know what she was supposed to do with them. And then such a joy to see the sparkle in her eyes when she started to play… she’s about 2 years old but only now experiences activities, like playing, that dogs enjoy so much. She’s getting more confident and joyful with everyday, loves to be around people and to be cuddled. Being very friendly with other dogs, she would also be a perfect addition to a family that already has a dog who needs a play mate. She’s active and loves to run and play, but at the same time she is obedient and immediately comes whenever she’s being called. She’s well behaved indoor, never chewed anything except for the chewing toys she’s allowed to and she adjusts well also to living in an apartment. Maya is house-trained, used to walk on the leash and now we’re also in the process of teaching her basic obedience commands.

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