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Heartbroken Dog Waits For Owner to Come Back For Her and Her Pups


Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac in Serbia received a call about a mama dog and her puppies. They had been dumped by the side of the road.

Even though some kind people tried to help the mama dog, she would snarl and refuse the food. ‘Moli’ had been abandoned days earlier.

When her rescuer approached, Moli surprisingly didn’t snarl. She accepted the food and was ready for help. Digging around in the grass around her, he found another one of her puppies. He placed them out for her to see so she could continue to eat.

“She was so sad… Young mom was abandoned with her babies beside the road and she did not move for several days. Her pain broke our hearts,” wrote Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac. “Some people are so cruel!”

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