How smart is a cat
How smart is a cat

How smart is a cat? Know your cat’s IQ

Do you know how smart the cats are? Some may say that we do not benefit from cats in search, rescue, or assistance in police work or in the discovery of bombs, so they are not smart.

How smart is a cat
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Some believe that cats are intellectually unable to do such complex tasks, but can cats be as smart as dogs? The answer may surprise you.

Cats have a different skill set than dogs. They are smart, but differently.

Cats can distinguish wake-up times and meal times, and cats know easily when they will open the courtyard outside of the house.

Also, cats can guess the actions of their owners, how many times have you noticed that your cat knows that you are going to bring her a dish or to bring her favorite toys?

How many times have you found your cat ahead of the door of the house as if she knew that she would open the door for her now?

How smart are cats?

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One thing we know is that cats are not stupid in any way. Their brains, though small, occupy about 0.9% of their body mass, compared to 1.2% for the average dog.

In fact, many believe that the extent of intelligence of cats is very high, based on the anatomical characteristic of the brain.

The complex cerebral cortex, which is part of the brain responsible for processing information, has twice the number of neurons in dog brains.

And that region of the brain is responsible for interpreting information and language, making logical decisions and solving complex problems.

Some, especially fanatical cat lovers, believe that cats are smarter than dogs because they are not satisfied with frustrating solutions such as training tricks or useless social activities but cats prefer it. And almost everyone in animal research knows about this intelligence, cats are not easy to handle.

Cats IQ level studies
How smart is a cat? Know your cat’s IQ

Few studies have been done so far on how intelligent the cats are, but a 216 study found that cats cannot identify different amounts of bodies (in other words, count) like other animals, such as fish or dogs.

Another study found that cats can follow signs similar to those of dogs and can solve simple puzzles to get food.

But if the puzzle is unsolvable, the dogs look to their owners for help while the cats keep trying.

Of course, in the end, aside from proving kittens indifferent by participating in the same studies, none of the tests has proven much about a cat’s IQ.

Cat breeds that are better than others in interaction are therefore smarter – these are lighter and leaner breeds, as they are known to be more “active” than other cats such as oriental breeds such as Siamese, Burmese, and the Bengal cat.

So, how do you know if your cat friends are smarter than the average dog? Here are some things you can do at home.

How smart is a cat
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Cats IQ test

Cats will wake you up in a steady habit, which indicates a high IQ for your cats
Before trying some of these home intelligence tests on your cat, consult with some researchers who can tell you about it. Cats can either refuse the matter completely, or be completely uninterested, and it is very likely that you will refuse to participate in your tests, and of course this is not a sign of intelligence or stupidity It’s just their nature.

How do you know if your cat is smart?

1- Social ability

Is your cat social? Of course, dogs are known to be quite social animals. She always wants to interact with you, as they greet you at the door, they want to sit next to you, and yearn for the love and affection that they offer. This is not considered intelligent.

Some cats welcome you at the door and follow you, like any dog. The social ability of a cat is often less interactive than dogs, but this does not necessarily indicate a sign of intelligence. We own dogs, but cats are ours.

So in order to determine the cat’s IQ, ask yourself how social is your cat? Does he come when you invite him? Does he welcome you when you come home? Is he lying next to you on the sofa because he knows you will spoil him?

2- Survival skills

If it comes to survival skills, cats are among the animals that possess this skill and outperform dogs. Therefore, if determining the level of intelligence of cats depends on their ability to survive, then they are certainly the smartest of animals.

When you see a cat roaming the street with signs of illness, you know with certainty that it will be able to live for a long time, and even if it is sick, it is very difficult to catch it, unlike dogs.

If you take a cat and dog and put them out of the house to defend themselves for ten days, the cat is likely to return and survive on its own. On the other hand, if a dog survives, this is not because he did it alone, but because some strangers helped him.

Does this mean that dogs are stupid when it comes to staying alive? We don’t mean that at all. But this means that cats have a more independent nature, some intelligence regarding the streets, and ingenuity to take care of themselves.

Cats will appear responsive to training if there is adequate stimulation
Cats will appear responsive to training if there is adequate stimulation

3- The power of memory

How smart is a cat
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Both cats and dogs may have a good memory. If you have a group of cats that are all fed at the same time, but eat food in different areas, you will notice that each cat knows exactly where to find her food every evening without failing.

Many cat brains are programmed according to their daily schedule. In fact, cats are sensitive to daily schedule changes and different patterns

Your cat will come to you on fixed appointments such as eating, sleeping and waking up. How many times did you wake up to your appointment exactly because your cat woke you up?

4- Training ability

Cats can be trained to do a variety of tricks. Data show that dogs do their best when they receive proper training and stimulation.

But cats seem to be stimulated only by sweets. Apparently, they are not satisfied with any other reward, but that does not diminish their intelligence. Some say this may actually be a sign of higher intelligence than dogs.

Many cats can perform a variety as diverse as dogs, such as sitting when instructed, lifting claws, and lying down. one more time.

The right cat with the right trainer can show great intelligence. A cat that is not interested in learning simple commands is not likely to be clever, but does not care to learn missions without reward, as foreplay is not enough motivation.

5- Show sadness

Cats – even more than dogs – are adept at showing what bothers them, whether it is brand new cat sand, absence, or the presence of a new person at home causing a change in routine.

Cats express their opinions in a number of ways, including hissing and watering. Dogs seem to generally condone these issues, either because they are less annoyed by changes in the routine or because they are less able to express their dissatisfaction.

How smart is a cat
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Can we say that the intelligence of cats is higher than dogs?

We don’t really know how to evaluate a cat’s intelligence, even if we have to associate a cat’s intelligence to the number of brain cells, and to measure their neurons. To date, scientists are mostly based on novels rather than anything scientific.

At the same time, it is interesting to assess how “smart” our cats are. What does your cat do that makes you think it’s smart?