These 13 Dogs Desperately Tried To Be Good But Failed Dramatically

Dogs are innately fun and happy creatures, and they try to be very good at times, too. They try to bring your groceries for you, open the door for you, feed your sheep, cover your child with blankets, and many more.

Unfortunately, their good gestures sometimes turn into bad results for us humans. These fellas did not mean what they did (for sure) and there’s nothing you can do but accept it, wholeheartedly.

So, we have compiled 13 of the epic failure moments of our cute little doggos in their quest to be good boys but failed dramatically.

13. Who would thought that he would be this dirty after just 2 minutes? Such skills, little fella!

12. Her pure intentions of making her owners happy made the neighbor’s cat miserable. Well, good intentions thrive, right?

11. Now we don’t really know if this guy was actually trying to get rid of the fly in the pie. Who knows!

10. This doggo was trying to save his owners from getting diabetes. What a hero!

9. It was supposed to be bonding time with the toy. Guess it went too much.

8. He could be Superman trapped in a German Shepherd’s body.

7. This was his way of showing love, by the way. Isn’t it cute? Maybe not for the man being sit on.

6. He made his own puppy door. Isn’t he the carpenter! XD

5. Now we don’t know what was this puppy’s intentions.

4. This is what bonding and caring looks like for these two.

3. “He decided to get sprayed by a skunk tonight. Even after an emergency midnight bath, he has no regrets.”

2. This doggo was so happy, but it was just not the right place to do it.

1. He really thought that this pathway needs some natural paw designs. What an artistic guy!

Do you think that they meant it? Or maybe these are just their odd ways of showing love and curiosity to their hoomans. Share us your thoughts in the comments below. 😉

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