These 17 Dogs Know How To Express Love Through Their Eyes


They say that the eyes are the windows to our soul. Well, in no doubt, this line not only makes sense to humans but to dogs as well.

If you think that only humans have the power and natural ability to express our feelings through our eyes, you are absolutely mistaken.

And for us to prove our point, we have compiled 17 of the most expressive (or you could say dramatic) dogs that you have never met in your entire life.

1. “My friend’s newborn is less than 3 days old and their dog Zoey is already warming up to him.”

Dog welcomes newborn
Image from Imgur

2. “There, there human.” (I got you! <3)

3. When it’s been a ruff day and all you want is some attention from your human:

Dog showing love to human
Image from Imgur

4. There’s nothing better than chilling in the park with your best friend.

5. “When you get to bring your dog to work and she reminds you that you’re her favorite person.”

6. “My son and his puppy — they can’t get enough of each other.”

7. “I have no doubt in my mind that my dog knows I’m pregnant.”

Dog hugging pregnant woman
Image from Imgur

8. A look full of love if I ever saw one!

9. A dynamic duo that will last a lifetime.

10. “We’ve been looking for a buddy for our 10-year-old son for a few weeks and yesterday we found the perfect match!”

11. “Please be careful. I really want cuddles.”

12. No matter how old they get, their favorite thing will always be being your puppy. No doubt about it.

13. “Dog checking on my sister who is sick.” (The raw form of love.)

14. “My boyfriend and his dog give each other a hug every morning and I happened to be behind him on the stairs this time.”

15. “My wife has been sick. Our pups seem to know she isn’t feeling well…”

16.  “Just my dog spooning my baby. Nothing to see here.”

Dog huggin a baby
Image from Imgur

17.  “Don’t worry, hooman. You still have me.”

Dog comforting his girl owner
Image from Imgur

18. “My friend’s dog waiting for him to get home.”

Would you like to experience that stare of love and comfort? Maybe it’s now the perfect time for you to get your own dog. And if you do, share with us your first “love stare experience” in the comments section.

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