These Cats and Dogs Developed Their Own Way of Being Sassy And Dense (At the same time)


Cats and dogs have developed their own way of self-expression, which sometimes we love (or maybe you don’t). But we cannot help that these cute little creatures can actually become sassy or dense in their own little way.

They might “floof”, they might smirk, they just disturb your life in ways you cannot imagine that they can actually do. If you agree with everything that we say, check this photo compilation that we made, and maybe you can check if what we say is actually true. (And if you do, share us your thoughts in the comments section. 😉 )

1. “This piece of anatomy is called a ‘floofen’ and it only occurs during high levels of sass.”

Dark gray tabby cat floofen her way to sassy-ness.
Image from Twitter

2. This dog has been running around in a dandelion field. Guess what happened to him:

3. “My cat giving up on being a cat.” There, there big guy.

4. “I call it a ’one-pipe problem’, my dear Watson!”

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5. You are not going anywhere, human! You stay if I say you stay!

Black and gray tabby cat putting his paw on his humans slippers.
Image from Pikabu

6. Here, I brought you some flowers. Can we please forget about those slippers?

Black retriever giving red flowers to owner
Image from Pikabu

7. It looks like this cat is not a fan of cuddling and petting. Wonder what will make this guy happy.

Gray tabby cat not pleased being pet.
Image from Imgur

8. This Husky looks like he’s hitting and flirting well with his date. Good one, big guy. You should teach the guys how to do it your way. 😉

White and gray husky winking at owner
Image from Pikabu

9. “My cats look like they’re in the middle of devising some sort of a plan.” And they got caught while in the middle of it. Oops!

Tabby cats looking concerned after being found
Image from Pikabu

10. Sometimes cats choose the most incredible places to watch their humans. It’s on top of your hanging television. Praying for the television.

Gray tabby cat chilling on top of hanging television
Image from Pikabu

11. A level of exhaustion only cats can understand. We understand, Sox. It’s okay. 😉

12. “It’s belly rub time!” And it is with my best arch-frenemy.

Gray tabby cat and black and brown dog bonding
Image from Reddit

13. When you desperately want to be part of a trip that you are supposed not to be part of. Oh well.

Cat sneaking into owner's car
Image from Pikabu

15. “Our puppy Joey can’t fall asleep unless he is swaddled every night.”

16. If you’re thinking about house bills, don’t worry humans pay for it. We also pay for all your toys and food, too. 😉

Two tabby cats looking problematic and spaced out
Image from Pikabu

Do your pets do these things, too? If they do, share with us in the comments section some of their amazing photos.

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