These Cats Are Extremely Flexible That They Are Slowly Becoming Water Themselves


Do you believe that cats don’t have backbones? Well you are not alone in this theory.

Although these little creatures actually possess the backbones in their overall structure, it seems that they actually do not have it due to their extreme flexibility. And in order for us to prove our point, we have compiled some of the most unbelievable photos showing off these cats’ elasticity (for reals).

1. “Where are my gifts, Steve?”

Cat staying in a plastic bag
Imagr from Imgur

2. “Not sure how comfortable this is, but he looks pretty happy!”

3. Perfect sleeping spot in the window

4. “I think someone’s got the wrong bed…”

5. “If it flips, I flops!”

Sleep from pics

6. Hide and seek on a new level.

7. “Karen, I’m feeling pretty relaxed here.”

Cat sleeping in the sink
Image from Twitter

8. “What are you looking at? Do you mind? I’m trying to take a nap here”

Cat trying to sleep in the sink
Image from Imgur

9. A sink that is full of soap fluffy soap.

10. “Bowlful of cat”

11. “If it fits, I sits.”

White cat sitting in a glass bowl
Image from Imgur

12. New oatmeal flavor.

Black cat trying to fit in an oatmeal box
Image from Imgur

13. “Say hello to Dixie, the liquid cat.”

14. Peeka-booo

Black and white cat trying to take a nap in a food container
Image from Imgur

15. Does the cat look square to you?

Is your cat like these, too? Do they display their extreme flexibility and elasticity, too? If yes, then we would love to see some of their photos in the comments section, too. 😉

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