These Dogs Were Caught at the Most Not-So-Perfect Moment of their Lives

As humans, we have all experienced the “not-so-perfect” moments of our lives. There are times when we fell asleep in class and it was our crush who woke us up. Sometimes, we were caught in the middle of a very crowded place and our legs decided to trip us over. Or worst, your skinny jeans are a little snug and when you bend down to pick something up, it just rips. Well, don’t worry because you are not the only one who experienced these “kill me now” moments of our lives.

But if you think that only humans experience bad timing in life and to get caught in such awkward situations, you are absolutely wrong. Our little doggies also have their fair share of “not-so-perfect” moments in their dog lives.

Check out our cute little furballs getting caught in some awkward situations in their lifetime. P.S. Please don’t use these photos to bully them for the rest of their lives. 😉

 1. When you don’t want to be left alone in a foreign place and your only option is to join your trusted friend take a piss in the toilet.

2. When you thought that you are alone, comfortably sleeping on your couch, then surprise guests come over. Well, you did not see me like this.

3. When you’re trying to meditate from a very difficult day and your friends saw you talking to your self in front of a wall. (It’s called privacy!)

4. When you’re trying to act sexy then your human barges in your room. (Moooom! I’m trying to do/act something.)

5. When you did something stupid and you cannot hide from the judging eyes of the people. (Trying to hide away the embarrassment.)

6. When you’re having a hard time trying a difficult Yoga pose and then your human barge into the house. “Hi! I was just testing some things.) XD

7. When you’re so tired the other night but needed to stay awake during the family conversation so that your humans will not know what you did. (Nice try!)

8. When you’re caught by your human trying the cat’s favorite box. Don’t tell it, pleaaaaase!

9. When you just wanted to insist on yourself to your human.

10. When you’re trying to explain something but you don’t know, how.

11. When you try to get the attention all by yourself.

12. When you want all of their attention (despite looking very stupid.) Good try, doggo.

13. When you just want to fit your self just to be able to share with your human’s space. (There is not enough space, Bruce.)

14. When you’re trying to piss creatively. (But got caught, unfortunately.)

15. When you’re making faces at your enemy but they saw you, unfortunately. (Trying to keep it cool.)

16. When your acting like your human’s baby. (Not bad for a furry baby with a very long face and ears.)

17. When you’re trying to reflect on what happened with your life.

18. When you want to experience what your humans feel when they sit. (Does it feel comfortable, little furball?)

Did you find these doggies not-so-perfect moments cute? Share with us your thoughts in the comments sections.

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