Top 13 Most Beautiful Horses That You Can’t Stop Staring At


We all agree with the fact that horses are special creatures. They are majestic, strong, and certainly capable of displaying a broad range of emotions. Whether they’re around humans or other horses, these creatures are extremely communicative and thrive in social settings. These are just the basic qualities of horses why they can develop such a strong bond with humans.

But on top of their great special features, there is one more thing that we all agree about them — they are all BEAUTIFUL. There is something with horses why we look at them with great awe and admiration most especially when they run or stand in front of you. Their presence as creatures absolutely astonishes any type of spectators.

So, we have here the top 13 most beautiful horses that we have compiled through the internet. Relax and slowly appreciate the beauty that we have here on Earth. Enjoy!

TOP 13: This Silver Dapple surely attracts spectators whenever it passes by (and she looks like she’s flying while running.)

TOP 12: These Fjords’ cute features and small sizes don’t speak for their overall personality. They are great studs, you know!

TOP 11: Isn’t it interesting how Knabstruppers can transform into zebras? They sure are beautiful and diverse at the same time.

TOP 10: This beauty is affected by the Dun gene. It’s a type of gene that dilutes the horse’s color and makes it lighter. There is beauty in oddity.

Beautiful light brown horse with Dun gene
Image from Twitter

TOP 9: The American Paint horse is a perfect example of copying. Isn’t he looks like a cow?

TOP 8: Another great example of beauty in oddity is the Blue Roan horse. Their beauty lies in their dual color mix.

TOP 7: You will need to prep and curl your hair for hours in order to achieve the American Bashkir’s naturally curled hair.

TOP 6: Meet the Appaloosa. They are known for being one of the most diverse horse breeds in the world.

Two burgundy red and white Appaloosa
Image from Facebook

TOP 5: What a beautiful Gypsy horse just strolling around its natural habitat.

Brown and white Gypsy running around natural habitat
Image from Facebook

TOP 4: This is “Austin” the Gypsy Vanner stallion. Aside from winning all the competitions, this stud surely have unique body prints all over him.

Beautiful Gypsy Vanner with unique prints
Image from Facebook

TOP 3: Even the Dalmatians are jealous of this Knabstrupper’s dots.

TOP 2: Frederik the Great surely looks as powerful and strong as Alexander the Great.

Strong and majestic looking black horse
Image from Facebook

TOP 1: Meet “Storm” the Haflinger with the Rapunzel-like hair. She and her owner make the perfect pair.

Aren’t all of the photos look beautiful and dazzling. These photos greatly proves how magnificent and beautiful horses are.

If you have your own photo compilation of your beautiful horses, share it with us in the comments below.

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