TOP 15 Most Popular Race Horse Breeds That You Should Have (if you’re an enthusiast)


We all know that horses are great runners (and they are built for running). Unfortunately, not all horses are equipped with great skills to be fast and beat other horses in the race. So if you have plans and the money to be one of the enthusiasts and horse owners that win races, here’s our guide on what breed you can nurture to be one of the great horses of history.

TOP 15: Hanoverians Horse

TOP 14: French Trotter Horse

Elegant Brown French Trotter Horse
Image from Pixabay

TOP 13: Warmblood Horse

TOP 12: Morgan

Brown Morgan horse
Image by Aislinn Brander from Pixabay

TOP 11: Tennessee Walker

TOP 10: Black Forest Horse

TOP 9: Akhal Teke

Beautiful White Akhal Teke
Image by Helena Lopes from Pexels

TOP 8: American Miniature Horse

Adorable American Miniature Horse
Image from Pinterest

TOP 7: Andalusian

White and light gray Andalusian running freely in the wild
Image from Pinterest

TOP 6: Appaloosa

Black and white Appaloosa running
Image from Pinterest

TOP 5: Paint Horse

Red and white Paint Horse
Image from Pinterest

TOP 4: Standardbred

Black Standardbred running
Image from Pinterest

TOP 3: Quarter Horse

Brown Quarter Horse
Image from Pinterest

TOP 2:Thoroughbred

TOP 1: Arabian

Are you ready to race your horse to the top? Or you are already one of the great trainers. If you are, share with us your experience in the comments section.

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