Unusual Dogs that Look Like Non-Resident of Planet Earth

Do you believe in aliens? Well, some of us do. But, do you believe if we tell you that there extremely out-of-this-world dogs? You would even think that there are not breeds who live on Earth due to the peculiarity of their furs, paws, eyes, and even their skin! It is way out of the ordinary.

So without further ado, drop your bags, concentrate, take a seat, because our list may either make you say “aww” or “AHHHHHHHHHH!”.

Tell us in the comments when you’re done reading. 😉

1. Here’s a French Bulldog with his Merle fur. And oh, it has blue eyes! We are not sure if he’s lucky or not, though.

2. If the Black Panther movie did not air early, this dog could have been their model in Wakanda’s Black Panther statue. Maybe, he could have been T’Challa’s sidekick. XD

3. Or maybe this dog played as Zorro’s sidekick, too. Surely the movie just aired a few years early before this little guy was born, don’t you think?

4. If you’re confused, we are, too. This is actually a sheep, we meant a dog. His from Bedlington, England, and his lamb-like coat is perfect for allergy-prone pet owners.

Sheep Dog

5. This dog is a bit furious to his parent’s DNA printer. It might have run out of ink when it was his turn to be made. XD

6. No, this is not a Chimera from the anime Full Metal Alchemist. This is actually the Russian Borzoi. A breed that is similar to greyhounds.

7. Well, that is not a fashion statement. That is actually a Bergamasco Shepherd. And, don’t worry, they can see very well. 😉

8. That is not an Akita. It’s an Affenpinscher. They hail from Germany, and was bred to hunt and kill rats.

9. It’s not Mufasa nor Simba. Surely, it’s not Scar. These fierce-looking furballs are actually Giant Tibetan Mastiffs.

10. If you saw Toy Story I, then Bull Terriers surely scared you, too, right? Remember when this dog tried to chase Woody?

11. The Mudi is not fresh from the salon. They are just graced with the gift of having beautiful, wavy furs.

12. Remember Dante, the dog from the Disney movie Coco. This is actually one of his kin and they are called the Xoloitzcuintli. We really thought Dante was just hairless because he lives in the street. Oops!

13. This French Bulldog’s paws have the same situation as the one who ran out of ink. This guy is a little bit luckier because it’s just in the paws.

Do you have other interesting out-of-the-planet photos of dogs? Or maybe you actually own one.

If you do, we’d love to have his photo in our comment section and add him to the list above. 😉

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