Unusually Stretchy Cats Who Broke All the Laws of Physics


Everyone knows that cats have the righting reflex. For those who don’t know, the righting reflex is a cat’s ability to adjust its body as it falls so that it will land on its feet. They are able to do this because of their unusually flexible backbone.

Now, we have established their extreme flexibility as felines. But, there are times when these creatures actually goes beyond their expected flexibility and really break all the laws of Physics.

If you think this is not true, then watch out for the following photos that will surely surprise you.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe should hire this feline as Spiderman’s double (just in black and white costume though).

Extremely flexible kitten defying gravity
Image from Imgur

“Where’d your spine go, Yam?” P.S. This cat is not possessed. 😉

“Silly human, gravity does not apply to me!”

Extremely flexible kitten defying gravity
Image from Tumblr

Stay hydrated and flexible!

Extremely flexible kitten trying to drink water
Image from Imgur

Supercat: “I must go back to Catp-ton, my planet needs me!”

This tap water looks strange.

“Got us a new flower, apparently it purrs.”

One more cat who didn’t have a blanket and had to cover itself with its own body:

Extremely flexible kitten
Image from Imgur

That awkward moment when your body is already liquid, but your head isn’t. Wait for further evolution, kittie.

Tabby cat fitting in glass container
Image from Rikuo

“Don’t worry, I can vacuum and drink at the same time.”

Black cat looking like a vacuum
Image from Imgur

You’re not welcome in our glass home!”

Chilling after a long day of doing the same, just in a different place

Tabby cat sleeping in glass table
Image from Imgur

When you lay down and try to contemplate all the choices you’ve made in life.

Golden brown cat that is extremely flexible
Image from Twitter

Everybody wants Cat-Fu fighting!

“I am the master of disguise! I am a fish in a cat’s body.”

Black and white kitten trying to fit in a fish bowl
Image from Acidcow

“Error 404: cat has melted!” P.S. Please turn on the AC.

This box is already full. Ready for export!

BONUS: Please meet our next guest — a contortionist from Doggo Cirque du Soleil!

An overflexible pitbull soundly sleeping
Image from Imgur

If you think these cats (or dog) are possessed, don’t worry because they aren’t. They just mastered the art of flexibility (and breaking the laws of Physics, too).

Now you saw it, do you have your own cat-flexibility compilation? We would love to see how your felines showcase their out-of-this-world talent.

Upload your photos in the comments section. 😉

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