why dogs eat paper napkins and leaves?


Dogs like to involve themselves in something that is not their business. One of the things that puppies and dogs like to play with is paper, such as: tissue paper, kitchen tissue and toilet paper.

Dog with paper napkins and leaves
Dog with paper napkins and leaves . This image from

We have often heard of complaints from dog breeders that they have returned home and have found the dog has destroyed napkins and papers .. which causes you to ask why dogs eat paper napkins?

What is irresistible to tearing dogs?
This is often due to the smell, said Scott Scheffer, a certified animal behavior advisor.

If you have used one of these products to wipe your mouth or even to wipe your nose or hands, that smells attractive to dogs.

Dogs may also resort to eating tissue due to boredom or anxiety as well ..

Fear, boredom, and distress can cause dogs to rip paper products. If the dogs are already eating paper

Sometimes it is very rare that eating leaves is one of the diseases of dogs.

Why do dogs eat tissue paper and leaves ??

Another explanation is that dogs eat leaves and napkins. Oftentimes, tissues and towels are torn just for fun as the first reason is probably because they enjoy the feeling of tearing.

Dogs and puppies enjoy tearing paper equally, which is common behavior regardless of breed.

This is because the use of the mouth and teeth is instinctive and innate behavior, just as humans like to run and move continuously, or just as you sometimes bite your nails for no apparent reason.

Are paper products dangerous to dogs?

Many dogs do not eat the cards they play with – fun to tear – but if puppies devour napkins or tissues, there may be serious health consequences.

If the tissues in small amounts of paper pass through the digestive system of dogs, but if a large amount is eaten or some are stuck somewhere along the digestive system, this may cause a blockage that requires surgery.

Also, eating paper towels coated with a cleaning product or other substance may be dangerous.

It is always best to be careful, to avoid using strong or toxic chemicals, and any used paper products should be disposed of immediately. Especially if the dog has a history of tearing paper products, or there is any chance that he will reach for that paper.

Throw away any paper products contaminated with potentially dangerous chemicals directly in a covered waste bin in a place where your pets cannot reach.

why dogs eat paper napkins
Dog with paper napkins and leaves . This image from

How can you modify the behavior of dogs and prevent them from eating tissue paper?

The best way to prevent dogs from tearing paper is to keep it out of their reach in the first place.

Do not leave these things near your dog. If we can control the dog’s environment and prevent this unwanted behavior from occurring, then this is exactly the key to any training protocol.

Dogs often pull paper products out of the litter, so using litter boxes with automatic safety locks can eliminate the problem.

why dogs eat paper napkins
Dog with papers . This image from

Not all paper products go to the trash, though, so the most effective solution is to train dogs not to get close to paper products from the start.

In an emergency, the dog can remain in a crate when you are not by it, or you can close the doors to prevent access to certain parts of your home.

If you want to allow your dog to play paper in a proper way, you can turn his instincts into a delightful game.

Put the food in a cardboard box and paste it and then open holes in the box, and let them shred it. This enables them to do what they want in a non-disruptive manner.

In summary, dogs love to tear the paper, but there are many ways to deal with behavior and keep the dog away from what it harms. Hope we answered your question why do dogs eat paper napkins.

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