Why Cats change their children's place
Why Cats change their children's place

Why cats change their children’s place … 3 reasons you have not heard of them before

Despite the beauty of the cats and their love for their fellow human beings, they are still very mysterious animals and love to have great privacy. Therefore, they hide their young in strange and unknown places and may change the location of their children from time to time. So Why cats change their children’s place.

Cats follow their instinct very much, and most of their instinctive behavior stems from the characteristics they inherited from their ancestors that lived in the wild and forests. She is used to hunting and fleeing prey, and therefore some of her strange behaviors are always associated with her grandparents.

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Why cats change their children’s place

Young cats are born blind and deaf. They do not know how to move and cannot defend themselves. All they do is breastfeed from the mother cat only.

As we explained to you, cats inherited some behaviors from their ancestors, including stealth and fleeing enemies.

Cats used to hide and escape from their enemies, and you may now know the first answers to the question, why cats change the place of their children and their young children constantly, which is their sense of insecurity or the threat of anything and one of the simplest things.

Young cats depend on the mother for everything, in eating, hygiene, movement and protection, and the mother cat is aware of this by the nature that God created them, so you may change the location of the young cats because of the presence of a strange smell or strange sound that you think threatens their lives.

Repositioning kittens is a normal behavior

Why cats change their children's place
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Although cats are domesticated animals at home and have lived with humans for thousands of years, they still have these instinctive traits that we mentioned to you.

So cats resort to running after prey or anything moving, for example. Likewise, cats like to sit in tall places because they mimic their ancestors in the forests in the past …

So your cat might be enjoying everything you need from your point of view, but cats may have another opinion.

Also, cats, even if you find a suitable place for their pups, may change it and try another place that you think is safer. Sometimes it may happen that you leave some of their pups in a place and others in a location close to it, then after that you move them all to the new place.

All of these actions indicate instinctive behavior in cats that should not be interfered with as long as cats are safe and have a normal growth rate.

Ensure adequate lighting quality, adequate isolation and proximity to the cat’s place of birth

Why cats change their children's place
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Cats are creatures that love darkness more than light, so the mother cat will search for a dark place for the birth of small cats.

Another reason for the cat to change the location of its kittens is because it is far from where its food and drink are, or after it is from the liter box (litter box).

Cats at some point will begin to help their children go out and explore the place and practice food and literboxes, so if the place of birth is far away the mother cat will resort to changing the location of its young to get a little closer to the place of food.

Is there a certain person that your cat does not like at home?
Cats, if they do not like a person, they will never change their point of view in it, the cats memory works uniquely for that, so if it has an impression on a member of the house, it will not change it ..

Likewise, it may take a hostile attitude towards children in general, or from men or women in general because of the situation of what happened to her when she was young and did not forget her.

If you notice that the cat changes the location of its young, make sure that there is no person around it or a sound that causes a threat of any kind to it.

Sometimes the sound of dogs barking in the street may disturb your cat and cause her to fear for her children and thus transport them to a safer place from her point of view.

Did you touch the little kittens?

Cats get to know their surroundings mainly through the sense of smell, so changing the smell of kittens may push them to strange and unconventional behaviors.

We always advise against touching kittens, moving them, or trying to see them from strangers before the third week of their birth.

Cats are mysterious animals and have a privacy that is completely different from dogs in this matter. Therefore, you should take great care in dealing with the mother cat and provide safety factors for it until the pregnancy and birth period pass through. Keeping their puppies safe and quiet without problems.

Hope we answered your question Why cats change their children’s place.