There are several factors that can cause constipation in dogs. This digestive disorder is often caused by a poor diet, lack of activity, taking medication, dehydration …

To remedy this, you can use these 5 natural laxatives that we offer to fight against constipation in dogs.

Water to remedy dog ​​constipation

The main cause of constipation in canines is related to a lack of hydration. It is therefore important to ensure that your pet has  consumed a sufficient amount of water  to pass his stool without difficulty. Preferably give him cool water to help relieve himself.

This solution is even more effective when your dog is on the move. Indeed, the physical efforts provided contribute to the evacuation of stool in the colon . Once he’s well hydrated and you exercise him in a sport, your dog can relieve himself without much effort.

However, note that this remedy is only effective when the digestive disorder is caused by a lack of fluids.

Wet foods, an alternative to water

Instead of water-based hydration, you can opt for  moist foods . So replace the dog food that you usually give him with canned mash or homemade food. This allows you to effectively fight against his constipation problems.

What to avoid is giving your pet dry food if your pet is having trouble making a bowel movement. Try this wet food diet for two days. Also remove unhealthy human food from their diet.

Fatty acids to relieve constipation

5 natural dog laxatives to use against constipation!

The olive oil is another natural dog laxative. Put a few drops of this product in your pet’s food. However, we recommend that you do not put too much olive oil in the bowl. A bad dosage could indeed relieve constipation by causing diarrhea… This other digestive disorder is also dangerous for the health of the dog.

If you do not have this product on hand, it can be replaced with  mineral oil . This should also be mixed with food. It is not advisable to give mineral oil directly to the dog. The latter could swallow and at the same time inhale the product up to the lungs.

Fiber for better digestion

To fight against constipation,  fiber  is an excellent remedy for both humans and animals. There are many foods that can increase the amount of fiber in your food. Examples of high fiber foods are squash and pumpkin.

dog eating a carrot

Before using it as a laxative, however, it is recommended to clean them well and cut them into small quarters. The seeds should not be present in the meal, so remember to remove them. It is also possible to add carrots, green beans or sweet potatoes in the food.

Do not feed large amounts of these foods to a small dog.

Chicken and ginger broth

The constipation in dogs can be treated with a  natural broth homemade. All you have to do is prepare chicken broth, which must be mixed with ginger. Half a cup of your preparation should be combined with a quarter of a teaspoon of ginger. If you don’t have chicken on hand, it is possible to use beef. Ginger has many benefits for the proper functioning of the digestive system.

It thus helps to fight against constipation. The fats in the preparation will facilitate the evacuation of stool to the colon.

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