Eating canine meat is quite normal for some countries. China immediately springs to mind, but it is not alone. Asian countries, but not all, are also concerned by this practice of feeding on dogs known as “cynophagia”.

Although increasingly controversial, the consumption of the meat of this animal long considered “man’s best friend” would be beneficial for health. Update on this common culinary culture for some Asians.


Eating dog meat: a need for survival or a tradition?


We agree, the majority of Westerners perceive this practice with “repugnance”. And yet, did you know that France was home to many canine butcher shops in the 20th century  ? As unimaginable as it may sound, the consumption of dog meat dates back even to ancient Roman times.

The main cause of this cynophagia was first of all famine. Due to food shortage, people were forced to slaughter animals whose meat quality was considered inferior. The cat and the dog are part of it. The phenomenon gained momentum with the great wars.

In some Asian countries, eating canine meat is in no way linked to any food crisis. It has been a culinary tradition for thousands of years. Even today, dog meat is sold in markets and consumed regularly. This phenomenon is quite normal. By the way, dog fondue is eaten as a traditional dish in Korea.

This doesn’t mean that the Chinese don’t like dogs!

As a French, it’s easy to judge and say that the Chinese hate dogs. However, you just have to go to a website specializing in dog breeds to discover that there are many Asian breeds such as the Shiba Inu, the Chow Chow, the Shit Tzu …

These breeds all have one thing in common: they are very loyal because they have been used for generations to follow and watch over their masters. It is even common to have dogs in monasteries.

The relationship of the Chinese with the dog is close to ours with the horses. For some, they are incredible companions, for others, they are working animals that can eat themselves.

Asian countries that eat dog meat

Dog meat is highly prized in the cold regions located in northern China or in Mongolia, but they are not the only ones.

It is a culinary culture to which countries such as Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Laos and Mayanmar are also attached. In Cambodia, it is not a habit to consume dog meat. However, it is established in the country by the native inhabitants of neighboring countries.

In these Asian countries where we eat dogs, everyone has their own way of cooking meat. There are many recipes: dog fondue is the best known. Other Asians prefer to eat it in soup with vegetables. It must be emphasized that not all dogs are intended for consumption. In China, for example, only large dog breeds such as Dalmatians or greyhounds specially bred for their meat are concerned.

In Taiwan, this practice is prohibited. The law prohibits the meat of dogs and cats at the table. Likewise, local legislation punishes anyone who raises these pets for the purpose of consuming them.


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