It’s a bit of a hassle to find yourself in the cat food aisle   and not knowing which brand to choose. Fortunately, the Tropicazoo pet store  specializes in animal nutrition  and is ready to help you.

Whether you are looking for  canned food to  dry food , or even just the next  tidbit  to spoil your kitty, wants Tropicazoo share their knowledge to help you make  a choice more appropriate  for cat food.

Tropicazoo’s first tip would be to avoid feeding your cat any food that comes from your plate. Even though their lovely round eyes and begging little meows are adorable, your meal might contain one of these  10 toxic foods  for pets. The digestive system of our life companions is different from ours and our cats will not react like us to certain foods. Be careful  !

Without further ado, here is the list of cat food brands that we recommend here at Tropicazoo. The health of your little ones is very important to us, so we hope this list will shed some light on the subject of cat food!

Hills Science Diet for Indoor Cats

Science Diet is a company renowned for making high quality cat food. We have selected the Science Diet brand  for indoor cats  more specifically, as it primarily uses  real chicken as a source of protein.  Here is part of its nutritional sheet:

  • A minimum of 29.5% protein and 16% fat
  • A maximum of 8% humidity
  • Enriched with fruits and vegetables to provide your cats with antioxidants
  • Enriched with essential vitamins and minerals

When it comes to dry cat food, Hills Science Diet for Indoor Cats offers a complete scale for feeding your kitty.

Acana Regionals

What is important when buying dry cat food is to make sure that there is a good percentage of fat and protein in order to keep kitty healthy. Acana Regionals  is a brand that can take pride in offering the very best in cat food. Acana offers our cats 4 different formulas with proteins that come from beef, chicken, lamb and mackerel.

Find our selection of products on our Acana cat food page  .

Fromm for canned food

Fromm is a fantastic product line when it comes to feeding canned food to our pet. Treat your kitty to a delicious,  reasonably priced chicken and duck pate meal  that’s packed with protein and nutrients essential to their diet. A gourmet meal for your cats!

The brand Go!

Whether for dry or canned food, the Go! Brand provides excellent quality cat food. Nutritious and delicious, it will please all the finest feline palates. Enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, it offers everything kitty needs in terms of nutritional values.

The Feline Greenies

If you want to treat your cat to treats, go for the Feline Greenies brand. Full of flavor, this brand offers good protein and fat value for your pet. Enticing flavors like salmon, tuna, chicken and catnip are on the menu, and these treats also give you added control over hairballs or your pet’s dental health.

Royal Canin

Very popular, the Royal Canin cat food brand is renowned in the pet industry for its rich, varied and healthy diet. Indeed, Royal Canin is the cat food brand that has carried out the most research to ensure the well-being of your pet with the highest quality food. In order to maintain the health of your cat, the Royal Canin brand sells dry food intended for all types of cats (indoor cat, adult cat, kitten, lactating cat, sterilized cat, overweight cat, etc. ) and to all types of cat breeds (Maine Coon, British Shorthair, Persian, Norwegian, Sphynx, Siamese, etc.). Among such a wide choice, you will certainly find the happiness of your kitty!

In addition, if your kitty is very greedy and tends to eat a lot, Royal Canin cat food is designed to be particularly satiating. His daily dose will be enough for him!  


Entirely made in Canada, Nutrience cat food obtains meat, poultry, fresh fish or even beef directly from local Canadian producers. By purchasing “made in Canada” products from Nutrience, you are contributing to the success of Canadian farms, ranches and even fishermen.

With the best high-end raw ingredients for cats, the Nutrience brand ensures healthy food in your kitty meals.

With a wide variety of healthy foods such as meat, healthy fats and fruits, your kitty will have the best food!

1st Choice

1st Choice is a Quebec brand that now serves more than 35 countries with cat food. Known for being the first premium food in North America to use fresh chicken, the 1st Choice brand is backed by animal nutrition experts.

Concerned about ensuring the good health of your animal, 1st Choice has become the first plant to obtain CFIA  (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) certification and awards of excellence.

The health of your kitty is guaranteed with 1st Choice!


Biologically appropriate, the Orijen brand of cat food consists of natural fresh regional ingredients. All of the ingredients Orijen uses are responsibly raised, grown or fished in the heart of Alberta. The brand guarantees that its cat food is the most natural and nourishing!

Additionally, Orijen prepares cat food directly in their kitchens to ensure food safety, nutritional integrity and authenticity standards are met. Your kitty food has never been so natural!


Quebec brand, CaniSource offers your cat delicious, nutritious and 100% natural products. Cooked directly in the CaniSource factory, the cat food is concocted by feline nutritionists. In addition, CaniSource’s croquettes guarantee your kitty:

  • A more shiny and silky hair
  • Prevention against urinary problems
  • Improved digestion

With quality ingredients and tasty food, your cat will be happy with every meal!

In the end, it is your animal who will have the last word on his favorite brand according to his tastes.

In addition, recommendations from the veterinarian and opinions from canine nutritionists are also an important source of advice. Between quality ingredients and tasty taste, your pet will be the happiest!

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